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What is Coaching?

“The central function of coaching is facilitating development in individuals and systems. Leveraging change to foster development is the domain of coaching in today’s change dominated world.” -Pam McLean, CEO The Hudson Institute


The Executive Whisperer™ Method

“ETC has a tremendous breadth of knowledge and extraordinary passion for helping you achieve your life’s goals. I would highly recommend the experience, whatever your desired outcome might be.”

– John O’ Shea, CEO BMC Construction Lending, LLC

Eileen as Coach from ETC Consulting on Vimeo.

Optimize organizational performance through intensive one-on-one coaching with a focus on using our Executive Whisperer™ method. Help yourself become a better leader, problem solver and people developer. During our work together we focus the following aspects or leadership development:

  • Giving present, unconditional and positive regard to your team.
  • Establishing trust and respect as foundation to all relationships.
  • I think or I know? Decision making as leader.
  • Developing a curiosity in all that you do without judgment.
  • Intention as value.
  • Attention and constancy to practice your new plans.
  • Emotional Intelligence

We believe assessment tools can aid in the coaching process and those include the MBTI, BarOn EQ-I ® , Brain Pathways Leadership 360 and our Executive Whisperer™ performance tool.


ETC teaches that hope is not a strategy and that good intentions and wishful thinking won’t translate into results. Our life coaching focus will help you:

  • Take control of life by connecting your goals to your passions and your purpose.
  • Evaluate your life and manage your chosen transitions.
  • Work through the fears and resistance that are holding you back.


A coach can help a client see options for becoming a more effective human being. Coaching helps individuals invent changes that are valuable, exciting and intensely personal. Think of our coaching engagement as bicycle training wheels to give you support, get you started, and help you move forward.

“What is a teacher? It isn’t someone who teaches something new, but someone who inspires the student to discover what she already knows.” -Paulo Coelho


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