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How to start to differentiate between what is an ” I Think”…an opinion, belief or point of view… to an “I know”   a fact, an confirmed view. Much of what we do in life is think and react based on what are beliefs or the past may have indicated. We tend to neglect an important step. To confirm what is a fact, what is accurate, before forming a view on how to respond or react. This one shift can be life changing. Join me!”


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined” -Henry David Thoreau

About WellsBringHope.Org

In partnership with World Vision, Wells Bring Hope was inspired in 2008 by a group of women who are committed to drilling wells to bring safe water and good sanitation in the world’s poorest countries in West Africa.

In small communities where young girls and women spend 7 hours a day walking unprotected to fetch water for their families that often is not even safe water but laden with disease, a local well of clean safe water creates powerful possibilities. In each community, as these wells are sponsored and drilled, these young girls and women and their families can now battle less illness and disease, attend school, hold jobs or start small businesses and have hope their futures. Clean, safe water is a basic human right that perhaps too often we take for granted in Western cultures. In West Africa, clean, safe water is the gift of choice that changes lives. We invite you all to participate in this possibility.

Lynette’s Well

Et Consulting and our clients and friends at Panda Restaurant Group are committed to Wells Bring Hope and it’s bold, impactful mission. When Michelle and Eileen lost a dear friend, Lynette Cairns, much too soon in her vibrant life to cancer in September 2011, a well donation dedicated to Lynette seemed such a natural fit with her generous and hopeful spirit. The attached link is a video of the dedication of the well we sponsored in Lynette’s name. We invite you to watch it and celebrate not only Lynette’s life but also the changed lives in the village where Lynette’s Well will give life and hope every single day, continuing in spirit how she lived when she was with us.


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