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What Our Clients Say

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“The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation  with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better.”                                     -Barbara Pletcher


Eileen as Speaker and Seminar Leader

“Eileen Terry is an extremely gifted, inspiring and charismatic public speaker. I have worked with Eileen for many years and have seen her in many public forums with many different audiences, types and sizes. She never fails to deliver the point while delivering a wonderfully entertaining time.”

Karen Raskopf
Chief Communications Officer at Dunkin’ Brands

“Eileen is the most intelligent and intuitive person that I have ever worked with. Her ability to connect with a group and speak about leadership is genuine and comes from diverse experiences. I have worked with many executives on presentations and public speaking and her ability to speak extemporaneously is the highest that I have seen. Her ability to process information and problem solve is on a level that most people in business will never reach. Eileen is great at painting a compelling picture and has the ability to tell a story that links to any leadership situation. Eileen also has the capacity to consult or lead any management team in American business. She has created a following of highly talented people who will work for her anywhere anytime based on the leadership that she has demonstrated.”

Joe Thornton
Division Senior Vice-President, Sunbelt Division at Starbucks

Eileen as Executive Coach

“ET was a fantastic coach and counselor as I dealt with a career challenge after 30 years as a very successful marketing professional.  ET helped me to reframe my definition of myself and my skills and to see that I was actually uniquely qualified to make a significant impact in my new role.  She also coached me to think in the positive and not over analyze things.”

Wendy Barth

“She helped me determine what no longer served me, and how to build new skills and capabilities to support the vision I had for myself.  She drew thoughtful attention to my edges, increased awareness of unhelpful patterns, and introduced me to my shadow shelf.  She stood just behind me, supporting me as I explored, released, and allowed.  I am profoundly grateful for Eileen –  her curiosity, talents, and commitment to all she knows and serves”

Tracy L Nagel
Managing Partner
Templeton Advisors

“My coaching with Eileen was mentally rigorous and equally rewarding.  At the end of my journey, I felt renewed with a greater sense of self and purpose.  I cannot thank her enough for the impact the experience has had and continues to have in my life.”

Stephanie Jordan