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Eileen Terry, Founder and Managing Principle, PCC and Hudson Master Coach

Mary Ellen Leary, ACC, Associate
Michelle Walker, ACC, Associate

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856 Blue Spruce Place, Oak Harbor, WA 98116

(905) 842-0459
(289) 834-0593
“Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to work with Eileen. The experience has been greatly beneficial and I feel ready to take on leadership with a whole new perspective. Eileen is a special coach and has a way of leading people that is unique and effective. I know the learning journey is far from over and it’s continuous but I just wanted to take this opportunity thank you and acknowledge Eileen!”
Kim Ellis
Senior V.P. Store Development
Regis Corporation“The experience with Eileen has been extremely beneficial, allowed me to make commitments to myself both professionally and personally that I am accountable for. Planned and dedicated time spent on self-development as a priority that I won’t have done on my own. Expanded my horizons by opening me up to new perspectives, ideas and ways of thinking. Giving me new skills and tools, that can be shared with peers and direct reports”Gina Hurstak
Regional Director of Operations
Northern Coastal and Central Valley Area 59